Siblings Maggie and Matthew Schneider are amazing violinists. They practice for several hours a day, and they understand the value of hard work: To perfect a tricky passage, they’ll practice it 10, 20, even 100 times in a row to ensure mastery. On a typical Saturday, they travel to New York City to attend lessons and classes with Manhattan School of Music’s PRE-COLLEGE program, and return to Baltimore in the evening.


But the reason why they are so dedicated to music may surprise you: They work hard so they can give back.


For the past couple of years, Maggie and Matthew have given a yearly concert at the Baltimore Museum of Art to benefit nonprofit organizations. Last year, they raised nearly $10,000 for Kennedy Krieger Institute, and now, on August 13, 2022, these virtuosos will give a second concert to benefit Kennedy Krieger.

“I like to know I’m making a change in the world with what I do,” says Maggie, 10.


Their parents, Drs. Hyon and Jeffrey Schneider, discovered Maggie and Matthew had perfect pitch when the children were very young. Musical talent runs in the family; Hyon studied piano at The Julliard School for many years before attending college.


But Hyon and Jeffrey wanted their children to have a reason for practicing music. “They practice because their concert is coming up,” Hyon says. “They’ve made the commitment. When you direct your life toward a goal that is bigger than yourself, life has so much more to give back.”


Hyon and Jeffrey also hope Maggie and Matthew will inspire other children to think about ways to make a difference. “They’re our next generation,” Hyon explains. She and Jeffrey have brought Maggie and Matthew to a variety of nonprofit organizations, including Kennedy Krieger, to learn about opportunities to make a difference, empowering them to use their talents for the greater good.